How to Work Securely as an Escort

Dec 15, 2019

How to Work Securely as an Escort in Panama and Colombia

Here are a few recommendations to think about once you start working as an escort or you are thinking about hiring an escort. This applies whether or not you’re working from your house, doing outcalls to hotels.

Security for Incall Escort and Residential Visits:

Always speak to the consumer yourself. Never travel to meet a client or an escort before making first contact. It’s important that you get to know the person as much as possible to avoid any personality issues. 

Use this chance to understand your client, and determine specifically what he desires before you go. Make 100% certain that you’re in agreement with his or her needs. Be clear regarding the value of the service and the expectations. 

If the client sounds drunk or on the influence of drugs, seriously think about not taking the work. It is better to trust your instinct and never put yourself in a dangerous position. Even if the client offers more money for your services, it is better to only deal with clients that are in the right state of mind. 

This is very important. Always tell somebody wherever you’re going and once you expect to be back. This can be your friends, family, or co-workers. Always have a backup plan if things don’t go as expected. 

When you arrive at the meeting place, keep your mobile phone close to you and have 911 programmed in on speedial. 

If you at any point in time begin to feel afraid, or otherwise you feel threatened, attempt to keep yourself and also the scenario calm. It’s important that before you meet with the client you know where the best exits are located. If you meet your client at a hotel, talk to the reception so that they know you’re there.

Before you travel, find the location on Google Maps or Yelp. 

Before going out, get the client’s location and name of the building, and always phone him back to make sure the number is correct. If he’s not pleased with you calling the number, it’s probably better to not take the job.

After you’ve confirmed the location phone the client back and give him a time of arrival.

Try to meet first-time clients in an exceedingly public place, just like the building’s bar, notably if you haven’t managed to talk with them yourself. You can also meet in a restaurant close to their location. 

On your meet, concentrate on the places around the building and potential points of safety, like bus routes, taxis, busy streets, open shops, bars, garages, and phone boxes.

On arrival, memorize the layout of the building and exit routes from the space or suite.

Pay attention to details within the area and recognize the size of the room, house, or apartment. This will ensure that you completely establish the space you will be working at. 

Watch out for any cameras which will be hidden within the area and don’t forget that several mobile phones have cameras inbuilt.

Keep the maximum amount of clothes on your body as potential just in case you’ve got to run.

If you’re feeling unsure about the client, leave right away. 

By meeting in a public place you ensure that you and the client are seen by CCTV cameras which will be positioned within the building’s entrance.

The idea is that by following all of these steps and working with co-workers, we can keep one another as safe as possible in any situation.

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