, The Uber for escorts launches in Panama and Colombia

Dec 14, 2019

TuiYo Escorts Launches in Panama and Colombia


TuiYo is a service of "on-demand escort" or the "uber of escorts" in Latin America aimed at Panama and Colombia. The company was launched in 2018. In less than a year, we have expanded rapidly. 

We’re not totally surprised by our growth at TuiYo. It makes sense. Basically, the website allows companions to advertise to a dedicated customer base. Customers can browse through an optimized website that includes everything from verified images, videos, and even complete lists of services and prices. The main attraction for both parties is the ability to book immediate sessions in a clear and direct way. in Panama and Colombia

TuiYo started in Panama. Not long after it was operating in many other cities in South America. The site now operates in the main cities of Colombia and Panama. Soon there will be more cities added. The truth is that it is not a difficult task for a man to find a sex worker in most of those cities. But that does not get in the way of our business model. Obviously, many people enjoy the ability to navigate through the companions from the privacy of their own place. We are sure that the verified images and reviews available to premium users also have a lot to do with our growth. TuiYo also offers premium services for companions, such as photo and video recording sessions. 

Clearly, there is a great demand for on-demand escorts and dating, even or especially in parts of the world that have long been known to house a large number of sex workers. The Internet is now involved in all aspects of daily life for billions of people. As time passes, that will only continue to grow. More and more things related to sex and human sexuality are also online. TuiYo is at the forefront of connecting customers with companions over the Internet and we deduce that we will continue to grow.

TuiYo Escorts Discounts

As a sign of our rapid growth, TuiYo now offers discounts to premium members. New users can receive discounts when they make a reservation. The premium service is free for the next 6 months. 

The TuiYo site is, of course, totally free. But premium accounts come with many additional features. Premium members can read verified comments left by other clients who have met the women listed on the site. Our team actually verifies that the comments are also real. Therefore, there should not be any of the very common false testimonies among online discussions about companions. Premium members can also chat with escorts from the website. Therefore, premium members can quickly answer their questions or even negotiate prices.

TuiYo premium members can also view verified photos and videos of the people who advertise on the website. Since many online photos are very edited, this is a real innovation that is difficult to find elsewhere. Verified customers who have made reservations can know if the photographs are real or not. The TuiYo site then concentrates these comments in an easy-to-see place.

Finally, TuiYo premium account holders can see companions and make reservations directly on the platform. This is something that regular casual users cannot do. Some popular escorts may be fully booked and have busy schedules. 

We are happy to launch our service and we are planning to add value to our users. 

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